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In what could only be described as a decidedly ambitious first-solo-show, Mr. Brainwash loudly signals his arrival on the art scene. Using Warholian factory techniques, MBW has utterly and convincingly transformed the former CBS Studios building on the corner of Sunset & Gower in Hollywood. From large sculptures to paintings to mixed-media installations to graffiti, it amounted to a virtuoso showcase. Why not use the very space that changed television with sitcoms like “I Love Lucy” in the late 50’s to break new ground of his own in 2008?

Still setting up for the public debut, I witnessed the ‘brainwashing’ in progress. The sprawling, 2 floor, space buzzed like a beehive. The massive scale of this effort can only be compared to Banksy’s circus, a few years ago, which included a live pink elephant. For a ‘first-show’, the artist’s voice is remarkably coherent. Like Lil Wayne’s club banger “A Milli”, the proclamation is emphatic – ‘Motherfucka, I’m ill!’. There’s no question; no doubt Mr. Brainwash makes his point with laserbeam precision, unleashing a truly prolific amount of work in the process.

The show opens for everyone on June 18 and runs till June 21. It’s a fleeting opportunity to experience the mind of MBW. Go scrub your brain. Now!

Thanks to Ronnie K. Pirovino for the report!

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Depuis des années, l’artiste Irlandais Asbestos parsème son nuage toxique à travers l’Europe et au delà (Londres, New York, Barcelone, Milan, Amsterdam, Paris…). Son art transporte les passants hors de leur rassurante routine quotidienne. Des photos de têtes de poupées qu’il captura dans un dolls hospital d’Amsterdam ont commencé à faire leur apparition sous forme de posters, peintures et plus récemment sur des morceaux de plâtre peint… Dans le monde d’Asbestos, ses poupées représentent l’innocence, leurs yeux bandés pour ne pas voir le mal dans le monde – icônes solitaires d’âmes errantes. Sa série ironique des Lost posters et stickers, joue quant à elle à rechercher des objects que personne ne souhaiterait trouver. Depuis peu, il combine photographie et peinture pour créer des portraits de street artists et d’amis. (…)

Asbestos has spread his toxic cloud across Europe and beyond over the last few years (Including London, New York, Barcelona, Milan, Amsterdam, Paris). His art transports passers by from the blinkered safety of their daily routines. Pictures of dolls heads captured by him in a dolls hospital in Amsterdam have manifested themselves as posters, paintings and more recently painted pieces of plaster, battered and gold leafed. In the world of Asbestos his dolls represent innocence, their eyes blindfolded from the evil of the world – lonely icons of lost souls. While his ironic Lost posters and stickers are objects that no one would wish to find. More recently he has been combining photography and painting to create portraits of street artists and friends. (…)

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