While Art Basel remains the prime venue for the old guarde art establishment and high rolling collectors with bottomless pockets, it was several smaller satellite fairs who hosted the many galleries responsible for some of the freshest rising talent and opportunities to get in on the ground floor at extremely friendly prices. The strongest exhibitors at Aqua Art included Cinders Gallery, Roq La Rue, and New Image Art , while Pulse Miami housed Richard Heller and Pavel Zoubok, and the new Art Now Fair celebrated its inaugural year with impressive showings by Limited Addiction and White Walls Gallery. Thanks to Jeff from At Arms/The Art Collectors.

Cinders Gallery hotel room installation

Cinders’ artist collaboration

Matt Feyld – Cinders Gallery

Roq La Rue Gallery

Travis Louie – Roq La Rue

Travis Louie, – Roq La Rue

Charles Krafft – Roq La Rue

Clare Rojas, Swoon, Matt Leines – New Image Art

Barry McGee, Richard Colman, Diane Barcelowsky – New Image Art

Kelsey Brookes – New Image Art

Bast – New Image Art

Jacob Magraw – Richard Heller Gallery

Jacob Magraw – Richard Heller Gallery

Amy Bennett – Richard Heller Gallery

Brendan Monroe- Richard Heller Gallery

Pavel Zoubok Gallery

Aaron Noble – Pavel Zoubok Gallery

Aaron Noble – Pavel Zoubok Gallery

Holli Schorno – Pavel Zoubok Gallery

Josh Keyes – Limited Addiction Gallery