Le collectif parisien Le Tapin, en association avec Audio Aesthetics, présentera à partir de jeudi prochain à la galerie Yume de Brooklyn, une exposition intitulée I Would Spit On Your Sneakers.

Fashion accessory? The shoe is a symbol of the human condition: from the
barefoot to the high top. It is the social status that takes marquis position. More than ever, in today?s global consumer based culture the shoe is the interface exhibition of the clan membership of the beholder. The latter, in a fit of identity crisis, customized, stylized and adorned, works in contrast and placards his or her graphical vocabulary. The precious children of this century are no longer artisans of consumer discontent, they have become the subjects to a marketing leviathan that plays outrageously with human impulses. This generation of the new century, born from the world of lifestyle marketing and image, regurgitates hyper stimulation reinventing its cosmogony, its stories, its heroes, its codes and its mythology. From the “Seven Miles Boots” to the shoes of Art-Force-One, it’s the same magic spell that gives wings to the shoe holder. Sabrina Yo’land has assembled a collective of progressive artists that deconstruct the “sneaker.” Using a post surrealist aesthetic, the artists extrapolate modern and popular perspective sand provide a daring introspective on the iconic position “sneakers” has taken in contemporary society.

On y découvrira donc le travail de neuf artistes français de talent: Veenom, Arnaud Boutin, Art Force One, Koa, Riton La Mort, iLK, Choko 1er, Dim et The Yo’Land. Jusqu’au 4 décembre.